The Strategy Group invented online political mail testing, a technique used by Obama for America to magnify the impact of its direct, targeted communications in 2008. In 2012, we led the way in applying analytics to the Presidential campaign on an unprecedented scale during which we conceived and led the largest Experiment Informed Programs (EIP) mail test in the history of Democratic campaigns.



Our clients have turned to us to win important elections as well as to shape public opinion on issues such as environmental preservation, workers' rights, education funding, civil rights, transportation and economic development. We develop effective campaigns to raise awareness, change public opinion and win offices across the country.


The old axiom all politics is local is especially true in Kentucky, where the difference between a national Democrat and a Kentucky Democrat is like the difference between chardonnay and bourbon. Our experience describing to voters how our candidates are helping people like them moves past the confines of traditional partisanship and personalizes issues that mean most to them.


Large city races are often defined by racial and socioeconomic politics. In a city like Chicago, so defined by its neighborhoods, this is especially true. Building a coalition to bridge the city’s differences with common values and solutions to its common problems, The Strategy Group delivered a victory that came from every part of the city.


Facing a crowded primary field, millions in outside spending, and an unengaged electorate, Eric Garcetti became Los Angeles’ 42nd mayor by running a disciplined campaign, with messaging focused on getting back to basics, solving problems, and delivering results.
The Strategy Group helped develop and execute this strategy.